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Promote your business on local tv screens.

We can now offer you and your business a cost effective way to advertise on TV!
3P-TV is a new and innovative way for pubs, bars, and restaurants to promote their upcoming events, special offers and more. Now you can advertise your local business on their TVs too!

“The biggest social network is the pub”.“La red social más grande se llama bar” – Coca Cola

Coca Cola and the Spanish Market
The Coca Cola Company is a great example of how international companies create specific marketing campaigns aimed at local markets. Indeed, they really care about Spanish consumers because their flagship brand, Coca-Cola, it’s by far the strongest soda drink in terms of market share.

Benditos Bares (“Holy Pubs”), for example, was a campaign exclusively created for the Spanish market. Here in Spain pubs, coffee shops and restaurants have been in the heart of our social and cultural life for many, many years, and this is the reason why under the slogan incorporates the words “La red social más grande se llama bar” – “the biggest social network is the pub”. The Coca Cola Company wanted to celebrate those typical Spanish places that are so important in our culture. Commercials from the Benditos Bares campaign went viral pretty soon, and the most viewed and shared was this one:

Total Recall
There are three important things to have an appreciation of here:

Frame of mind – Those who are in pubs and bars are at ease, in relaxed environment; making them receptive to your message.

Dwell time – Waiting at the bar… waiting for a friend. These are moments when we are looking for a distraction. The Socialite screens give us a welcome one.

Artwork – Be creative. You have the perfect opportunity to engage individuals as well as a group of friends. Give them something to talk about that will make them remember you.

With this in mind you can start to visualise how effective this form of advertising is in being seen. The next section will discuss how the adverts are registered in the mind of the viewer.

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